Cameroon is located in the Gulf of Guinea;Cameroon is a triangle, stretching from the Atlantic to Lake Chad between the 2nd and the 13th parallel North. It shares borders with:
– Nigeria to the west and northwest
– Chad in North and Northeast
– Central African Republic to the east
– The south-east Congo
– Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the south.
Area:Ø 475 442 km2
Population:about 20 million people (2011)
Administrative divisions: Regions (10), Departments (58) and Districts (373)
Official Languages: French (80%) in eight regions and English (20%) mainly in two regions close to the English-speaking Nigeria
Ethnic groups: over 250 ethnic groups and local languages ​​spoken

YAOUNDÉ   :  Political Capital and seat of the administrative institutions
DOUALA      :  The economic capital
FLAG             : Green-Red-Yellow with a gold star on the red band.
MOTTO        : Peace-Work-Fatherland
CURRENCY  : CFA Franc CFA 655.957 = 1 Euro
CUSTOMS    : Tourists benefit from free importation of items for personal use.
WORKING HOURS: Public Services and banks are open from Monday to Friday,7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
The shops stay open until 18h, even on Saturdays.
STAMP AIRPORT: The airport stamp from Cameroon is 10,000 FCFA (15.50 Euro) for international flights and 1000 FCFA (1.53 euro) for domestic flights.


Cameroon Tourism is divided into four major regions:


Composed of the administrative regions of the Far North-capital town Maroua, The North capital town Garoua  and the capital town of Adamawa N’Gaoundéré.This tourist area is full of many natural and cultural sights. It is a mixture of tribes such as: Mundang, the Fulani, the Guizga, Mandara, the Koma, Toupouris the Kapsiki the Mboum … the majority of them is practice the Muslim religion. It is the domain of large parks in Cameroon. With its tropical climate, it gives it savanna vegetation in many aspects which develops the greatest country’s wildlife. The relief is magical. These different elements offerthis region a huge tourist potential. Among many sites include:
– The great national parks: Waza National Park, Park Kalamaloué, Boubadjinda Park, Park Benue, Faro Park
– RHUMSIKI: Amsa of the blacksmith, the Crab soothsayer, the Mandara Mountains,
– The Magalakes, Dang, Mbela darkening …
– Caves Nyem-Nyem,
– Gorge Kola
– Field of marble Bidzar;
– Falls: Tello, Vina.
– Mount Ngaoundere,
– The village Ideol
– The Art Museum of Maroua,
– The Lamibés (traditional chiefs): Lamido of N’gaoundéré, Lamido of Rey Bouba, the Lamido of Garoua, Lamido of Maroua, Lamido of Pouss,
– Leadership of Oudjilla,
– Mount Alantika
– MAGAPOUSS: boxes of shells Murla, thePoussmarket, Lake Maga
– Typical markets: Tourou, Pouss, Kofia, Rey Bouba, Mokolo, Mora, Guide …
– The craft centers of Maroua, Garoua, Djingliya …..
– The neck of Koza …

The holiday region of the South is composed of the administrative head quarter in Eastern Bertoua,capital town of the region the head quarter town Yaoundé of the Centre and part of the Southern county town Ebolowa. This great plateau tourism section is part of the Congo Basin forests, second massive global dense tropical forests and wetlands. That region is made up predominantly of the Bantu tribes. It offers a wide range of tourism products like:

– National Parks: the Lobéké,  Boumba Beck Park, Nki Park
– The Dja Reserve (UNESCO heritage)
– The Gorilla Sanctuary Mengamé
– The gold mines of Kambelé;
– The Pygmy camps,
– The iron ore deposits in Mbalam;
– NkiWaterfalls
– The border markets Abang Minko’o and Kye-Ossi,
– The Mefou Park
– The site of ecotourism Ebogo
– The cave of Akok Bekoué
– Nachtigal Falls
– Falls Menve’elé
– The tourist center of Nkolandom
– The mythical Python of Akok’okas
– The rock of Mezesse
– The Phantom of the hole “MBIL-BEKON”
– The Massif Forest ofMbaminkom
– Pem Lake
– Mount Ngoro
– Rock of Tala
– Quarry marble Sa’a
– Mount MBAL
– The Caves of Mfoula Nkoteng
– The road to the sugar cane-Mbandjock Nkoteng
– The leadership of Njoré
– Site of miners Betare Oya …

 The tourist region of the West includes the administrative regions of western administrative center Bafoussam, the Northwest chief town Bamenda and part of southwestern county town Buea. It is characterized by its landscape of highlands and mountains. The great traditional culture is embodied in the presence of large chiefdoms hence the title of cultural capital of Cameroon. Through its two characteristics, it takes you through:

– Mount Bamboutos
– Mount Bapit
– The Western historical chiefs of the grass field peoples and multiple components (the palace of Mankon, Bafut chiefdom; Bandjounchiefdom …)
– The caves and rock of Tougui
– The BamounSultanate and Museum
– The sacred spaces of Batoufam
– Falls of Mouankeu
– The remains of eight deities, Bameka
– The Djissévillage craft center
– Falls of Metchié
– Hiking in the tea plantations of Djutitsa
– The Mami water Falls ofPenkaMicheal
– Lake Petpenoun
– Lake Awing
– Lake Baleng
– Several centers of art and crafts
– Museums: the Museum of Civilization in Dschang, Mankon Museum, the Museum of Bafut …
– The funeral ceremonies

The coastal tourism includes the administrative regions of the capital town of Douala Littoral’s capital town, Southwest capital town Buea, and part of South Ebolowachief town. Its location on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean makes it an area favorite for lovers of seaside tourism with pictures(bays) and beautiful sandy beaches that stretch out of sight gives a panoramic view of the sea. In addition, the local residents are the “water people”, they are distinguished by a distinctive culture characterized by cultural events, the most important remains the Ngondo. Several other attractions can fill your stay in this tourist region such as:

– The Lobe Falls
– The colonial monuments
– The many markets
– Traces of Colonial (governor’s palace Von Puttkamer)
– Mount Cameroon (the highest peak in Central Africa)
– The Korup National Park
– The Campo Ma’an National Park
– The site of ecotourism Ebodje
– The botanical gardens in Limbe
– The zoo in Limbe
– Lake Ossas …

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