Entry Requirements
A tourist visa is issued by the diplomatic and representative Cameroonian consular of foreign nationals to make a pleasure trip.
It is valid for 30 days non-renewable, with several entrances and exits.
Tourists from countries where Cameroon is not represented may obtain the visa at the border of their point of entry (same for tourists on organized tours).
The parts required for a tourist visa are:
• A valid passport
• A plane ticket to Cameroon
• An International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Fever)
• Two recent passport size photos
• A certificate of accommodation or a hotel reservation
• A completed application for a visa at a consulate or removed simply asked by mail, completed and signed attach an envelope with your address and postage for the return. The stamps are sold at the consulates.


An international certificate of yellow fever vaccination is required.
It is strongly recommended to protect against malaria before traveling. Pets are also subject to sanitary requirements of particular use for rabies. Cameroon has high-level health facilities with referral hospitals in Douala and Yaoundé and good health coverage throughout the national territory.
It is best to drink bottled water and not drink too much iced in the heat of the tropics.

The tourist benefits from free importation of items for personal use of jewelry under 500g, clothes and towels, cat and dog, two cameras size, with 10 rolls of film per device, a camera format reduced with 10 coils, a TV and a portable radio receiver, a portable VCR, binoculars, small items of camping and sporting goods, toiletries, children car, three liters of wine, a liter of drink or alcohol; 500g of tobacco or 400 cigarettes or 125 cigars.
For weapons and ammunition for hunting, an import licenseis required.
For the export of animal products: Anenvironmental license permitting that animal is requiredconcerned.
For the export of art objects (wood and iron, etc ….): contact the Chamber of Commerce of the Authority body, Mines &Industry, and Handicrafts.
Airport Stamp Ø
The airport stamp from Cameroon is: 10 000 FCFA or € 16 for international flights, 1,000 FCFA 1.6 € for domestic flights.
 Currency / Exchange
The CFA franc is pegged to the euro, € 1 = 656 FCFA
Banks are generally open to customers from 7 am to 15:30.
The exchange is possible only in banks, large hotels and some travel agencies.
The major resorts accept some credit cards.
Currencies are commonly accepted: the euro and the U.S. dollar(s)
– Photographic Shooting
In big cities like the entire territory of Cameroon, photographic shots are free with the exception of presidential palaces, airfields, military installations and areas, security and defense personnel and situations that may affect manners and good reputation.

At official events and for commercial shoot, you should contact the Ministry of Communications for a “special pass”.
Photographing inside national parks is subject to payment of thecamera fees established.

It is recommended to obtain consent from individuals when it comes to photograph or film.


– Urban and interurban transportation
Pick up costs for shared Taxi from town to town is 250 CFA francs or € 0.39 during the day until 22h. From 22h the fairis 300 CFA or about 0.45 €.
On hire in individual citynot more than 40km, the price is 1500 FCFA (2.30 €) for a single drop. An individual hiring for a day in town is 2500 FCFA (about € 4) per hour. A drop to the airport cost 5000 FCFA (€ 8) during the day and 10 000 FCFA (16 €) per night beyond 18 h.
A regular bus and minibus runs between major cities of Cameroon.
Movements within the country also take place by plane and train.
A railway line, “the Transcameroonien”, is long over 1500 km and crosses the country from west to east. It connects Douala to Ngaoundéré through Yaoundé.
In villages and urban centers, bush taxis provide regular passenger transport.
Toll gate fees: 500 FCFA per vehicle per station.
220 volts, made European standard.

International dialing code is 237 + the eight digits of the individual.

Foreign tourists find international cuisine in major hotels and restaurants in major cities.

However, the Cameroonian cuisine is particularly diverse (fish, fresh fruits, vegetables …) and deserves to be tasted.
Many restaurants are available throughout the country.
All times is GMT + 1
In winter, no time difference compared to France.

An hour less than GMT  in summer.
WorkØ Schedules
Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Public services are opened from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and banks.
The shops stay open until 18h on Saturdays.
Cameroon’s visit is practicable in any season except for national parks which are inaccessible during the rainy season (June-October).
Should wear light fabric clothing, cotton or linen, sunglasses, a hat, sweater for the evening and possibly a raincoat.
Avoid synthetic fabrics.
In restaurants and bars, tips are accepted.




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